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EmSee, KNG GST & Big Tone Link Up For “Damn”


Emsee (Ft. KNG GST & Big Tone)

“Damn” is hard, poetic, and romantic all at the same time.

Emsee is a talented hip-hop artist that has a way with words, is fantastic at picking beats that thump, and is completely in tune with his emotions inside. He is also someone who has a genuine and refreshing love for music. Below is how Emsee explains his musical journey:

Everybody around me was much older than me, so I experienced life pretty quickly and explicitly. Although my music may be too much for some, my expression is a product of my experience.” 

Recently, Emsee released an eight-track project to the world called Limbo. One of the highlights of the project is “Damn.”

In “Damn,” Emsee, KNG GST, and Big Tone rap about being cold heartbreakers that only mess with the baddest chicks on the planet. What I love about the track is that it features unique rap deliveries, one of the sliest hooks I’ve ever heard, and a beat that will make you nod your head nonstop. Overall, “Damn” is a hit.

Give “Damn” a shot below.





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