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Georgi Claims It’s A “Goth Girl Summer”

Georgi Says It's A "Goth Girl Summer"

Goth Girl Summer


A summer track to play through all seasons.

Georgi is an up-and-coming artist currently residing in Las Vegas. While she may look like a pop-based artist, Georgi is no stranger to the alternative scene. She makes music that provides pop-punk nostalgia with additional influences from recent artists. Georgi focuses on making music that bends genres to her will and takes the edge up a level. Her punk-based work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. While her hit, “Goth Girl Summer,” was originally released in 2021, Georgi teamed up with artist Clockbutterflies to provide a more amplified rendition of the track. 

“Goth Girl Summer” is a song that is genuinely genre-bending. It has an edgy alternative vibe but also brings powerful electronic and trap beats. Georgi makes a statement in this song by shouting her truth through poetry. Lyrics like “Not a girlfriend just a concept” and “You’re a sad girl till it’s a trend” show this song has a deeper meaning than just edginess. Clockbutterflies also adds a unique feature to the song. Just when you expect everything to wind down, they come in with an energy-boosting verse of their own. So, stream Georgi’s “Goth Girl Summer,” even though summer is coming to a close.

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