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Cole Mendoza Is “20 Something”

Cole Mendoza Is A "20 Something"

20 Something

Cole Mendoza

An upbeat indie song with an honest message.

Cole Mendoza is a gifted Filipino-Canadian artist. Since the beginning of his life, Mendoza has been surrounded by music, and it’s taken him pretty far. After graduating from college in 2019, he decided to pursue music seriously as a career path. Now, with 2 years of songwriting and producing under his belt, Mendoza is a promising talent. His recent works include his popular EP, titled “Wildflower.” This, and the rest of his songs, are available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. Cole Mendoza’s latest release on the EP “Wildflower” is the sensational hit, “20 Something.”

In “20 Something,” Mendoza sings over a chill guitar beat. He has a gentle and melodic voice that easily captures the listener’s attention. However, the message is all about making your life your own. Lyrics like “It ain’t really bad, you gotta change how you see things” and “You know time is moving fast and quick, the people come and go” explain this in detail. Yes, time is fleeting, but I certainly don’t feel that way when listening to the song, even if I go away with that idea afterward. It feels like Mendoza is making a promise to the listener that everything will be alright, no matter what. This is a song you should start your day with before going to your grueling 9-5. Your 20s, or even 30s, can be confusing, but there’s music to help explain how you feel. So, stream Cole Mendoza’s “20 Something” to learn how to make the most of your own 20s!

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