Gaps & Nomads (Album)


JoeJas’ unique style illuminates brightly in this project.

They don’t make rappers like JoeJas anymore… Literally. In a bunch of songs that I’ve heard from him, he gives me both Tyler, The Creator and LL Cool J vibes (Interesting mix, right?). Since 2016, Joe has blessed us with music that is truly organic, distinctive, and rappity-rappish. In his latest project, Gaps and Nomads, JoeJas doubles down on his eclectic style.

I usually do not endorse drugs, but I will say this: Pop a gummy before you listen to this album; it will make the music make so much more sense. In all seriousness, from start to finish, JoeJas toys with out-of-this-worldly/Rugrats-Esque beats that knock harder than late pizza delivery drivers (Yes, the consistent production you get on this album is brought to you by Joe himself). Rapping-wise, I think he puts up very good performances. Not only does he give off an old-school demeanor, but he also comes across as confident, instills his quirky demeanor into every verse he drops, and hits us with a few punchlines that are pretty impressive. All in all, this project is one that never lets up on free and rebellious energy.

Just to let you know, my favorite tracks from this album are the following: “Gappy’s Overalls,” “Sally’s Last Dance,” “Nomad,” and “March 30th.” Make sure you check out the album below.