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kiki wera Makes a Splash In The “Pool”

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kiki wera

A carefree summer pop single.

Melbourne-born, Boston-based artist, kiki wera, is an alternative pop singer and songwriter who has plenty of promise. Her unique sound combines “clever lyrics with elements of pop, rock, and classical music” for a truly unforgettable listening experience. kiki wera’s musical journey first started when she was a teenager, and it has only grown with time. As a result of her musical interest, she studied at the Victorian College of Arts Secondary School as a classical vocalist. After graduating, kiki began to explore contemporary music and songwriting at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Her work is available on Spotify and her own website. kiki wera’s debut release is the pop single, “Pool.”

The acoustic guitar background makes “Pool” an infectious, summery soundscape that has plenty of sun to share. It’s meant to be sweet and bright, but the meaning is completely different; it talks about the saddest part of any relationship. The artist is criticizing her lover, listing why they shouldn’t be together. Lyrics like “You only want to kiss by the pool when you’re in the mood. Want me to talk like your mama minus all the drama” and “You’re as bad for me as white bread, fried really really deep” offer up this relatable exploration of love. However, there might not be any coming back from this one. While kiki wera’s newest creation is a minimalist summer single with a delightful bedroom pop sense, it is also a sad story. So, stream kiki wera’s “Pool” to learn how to enjoy one without the drama of a faltering love.

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