F**k You Up

lil cat

A catchy indie pop single regarding f**k boys.

The Denmark-based artists that make up lil cat are Cathrine van Leeuwen and Mads Vadsager. lil cat is a genre-bending songwriting duo that takes elements of pop and rock to create a modern and past mix. lil cat’s songs have been described as “music for those who prefer to party at home.” Since releasing their debut single, “I look hot in this dress,” the two have played at SPOT Festival twice. They also have been featured on playlists like “Fresh Finds Rock,” “De Nye,” and “Free Refills.” Their work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. lil cat’s latest drop is the indie pop single, “F**k You Up.”

This is a feel-good song with an infectious instrumental. “F**k You Up” provides the perfect soundscape for its unapologetic call out of f**ck boys. Clearly, there’s only so much of them the rest of the world can take. Lyrics like “He’s got a lot of broken hearts on his account, I guess I gotta say it out loud” and “You’re gonna loose your mind. He’s just a waste of time” echo these sentiments. At the same time, they vulnerably offer warnings about guys who won’t do anything but waste your time. There’s a way to avoid them, after all. Between a delightful genre-fusion style and ultra-catchy melodies, lil cat’s newest single is a track you’ll want to listen to again and again. So, press play on lil cat’s “F**k You Up” to learn what kind of boys you have to avoid.

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