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Scilence Has Her Fair Share Of Fun In “Vegas”



This is one of those rare occasions in which something in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas… It made it to YouTube.

There’s no other way to put it: Scilence is a brilliant artist. What I absolutely love about her is that she pushes boundaries when it comes to making music. To be more specific, I love it how she merges all kinds of sounds together, creating concoctions that are out-of-this-worldly, invigorating, and plain ole different. Recently, Scilence released a five-track EP called The Solo Cup E.P. One of the songs off the project is “Vegas.”

In “Vegas,” Scilence speaks about “living life on the edge” in the popular Nevada city. What does that mean, you ask? Well, a lot of drinking and partying. What makes the song fascinating is that it boasts various vocal styles (Everything from solemn to drowsy), a spunky instrumental, and an overall vibe that straddles the line between hypnotizing and pleasant. In other words, “Vegas” is just as intoxicating as that red cup you can’t put down.

The music video to “Vegas” will remind you why the city isn’t for the weak. In it, Scilence indulges in the heavy drinking, the peculiar weddings, and the epic Hot Tub parties that happen in Sin City. Even though the video shows pure chaos, it’s the kind of chaos that I would partake in over and over again if I had the chance.

Go ahead and watch the music video to “Vegas” below. It will make you press submit on that Vegas flight you’ve been planning for months.


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