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Morgana Gives A “Salute”

Morgana Knows To "Salute" Us



A dreamy neo-soul song with African beats.

Based in Nottingham, England, Morgana is a neo-soul R&B artist. Her music is enchanting while being reminiscent of artists like Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill. Morgana makes music that is charismatic with a fusion of jazz and funk. So far, she has only released two singles, “Comfort” and “Knots.” However, both pieces have gained plenty of attention. Morgana is now back with a new song to kick off another round of releases. Her work is available on Spotify and YouTube. Morgana’s newest hit is the mixed genre piece, “Salute.” The song also has an accompanying music video and features fellow artist, Renee Stormz.

“Salute” is a harmonious song meant to stay lowkey. You can play it while you relax, unwind, or meditate. It also opens your eyes to your surroundings. The purpose is simple: To wake you up to yourself and the world around you. Lyrics like “Only you know your truth, don’t shut your mind” and “War going on outside but we can’t be defeated” help to keep the listeners grounded in reality. “Salute” tells us to look straight ahead and protect our energy. I love how it is a perfect blend of psychedelic and Afro neo-soul. Renee Stormz also brings great energy to the song with her powerful voice; it’s the opposite of Morgana’s, which is more stable and mellow.

Stream Morgana’s “Salute” to remember how important it is to unwind and clear your mind.

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