POLUN is Not "Over" Everything



A dance track with blues and jazz vibes.

Toronto-based artist, POLUN, is a producer and songwriter that is constantly evolving. Under the moniker Terence “TEE” Lam, he made his debut in 2014 producing the Juno award-winning R&B/Soul record of the year, “Can’t Choose” by JRDN. Since then, he has helped to write and produce songs that have skyrocketed the charts. POLUN’s worked with artists like Drake, Rihanna, and Alessia Clare. He is now back with a new name and new music. Under this project, he’s switching things up and creating music inspired by his life’s journey. In 2021, he released two singles titled “Higher Ground” and “Today.” These songs, and more, are available on Spotify and YouTube. POLUN’s latest release is “Over.” On it, he collaborates with vocalist Anthony Arthur. The song also has an accompanying music video.

“Over” is a song you will find yourself dancing to while also simultaneously crying to. It has an uptempo beat with passionate vocals. However, the lyrics are something different. They talk about being at your wit’s end with the person you love so much that it takes you over. The song itself chases away those feelings instead, though. You feel like you are trying to overcome an endless storm by dancing it all away. Arthur sings over an electro-pop beat but bleses us with vocals that are soulful with jazz and blues influences. POLUN has created a sound that’s a timeless classic.

Stream POLUN’s “Over” below.

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