Never Change

Symba (Ft. Roddy Ricch)

Symba and Roddy Ricch both hail from California.

Symba might be the next best thing in hip-hop. His name is buzzing, and it’s not because he is dating a Kardashian; he can rap his muthaf**king ass off! Symba will release a spankin’ new mixtape to the world called Results Take Time tonight. One of the songs you will hear on the project is “Never Change” with Roddy Ricch.

DJ Drama opens up “Never Change” with some GOAT talk. You get smooth vibes, silky melodies, and hard-hitting raps from there. While Symba sounds hungrier than a Naked & Afraid contestant on his lone verse and the hook, Roddy comes across like a dude that never forgot the mud that he came from. Personally, I like how powerful the song sounds as a whole.

Give “Never Change” a shot below.

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