Alen K


Alen K is one of those rappers that wears his heart on his sleeve, that is unapologetically himself, and that apparently likes sweets. Though he fell in love with rap music at the tender age of 9, it wasn’t until recently that he started uploading tracks to his Spotify account. One of his latest offerings is the raw “CHESECAKE & MELON.”

Let me get this out of the way immediately: Do not eat raw cheesecakes. OK, we’re good. Anywho, in “CHEESECAKE & MELON,” Alen K raps about his expensive lifestyle and boatload of problems. While the song’s beat actually has a pretty chill tone, Alen K’s raps come out feverishly. All in all, “CHEESECAKE & MELON” is a song that I think is entertainingly frantic.

Gives “CHEESECAKE & MELON” a shot below.