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Cloak The Scribe Operates Masterfully With “No Sleep”

No Sleep

Cloak The Scribe

I recommend that you don’t sleep on Cloak The Scribe (Do you like what I did there?).

Cloak The Scribe isn’t new to the rap game at all. Since 2016, he’s been actively dropping hard-hitting rap songs. In 2022, he’s really had his foot on the gas. Not only has Cloak dropped a few tracks (Including the impressive “Nothing Less (J Dilla Tribute)”), be he also dropped the impressive Vent Sessions (Volume 1) album. One of the main singles from the project is “No Sleep.”

In “No Sleep,” Cloak The Scribe raps about his competitive nature, his relentless work ethic, and his disgust for fake individuals. The song boasts a beat that gives me old-school Dr. Dre vibes. What I love is how over the beat, Cloak raps slyly but his lyrical content is hella aggressive. I also think that his flows are stupendous.

Give “No Sleep” by Cloak The Scribe a shot below.

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