Moa McKay (Ft. Ema Espinoza)

A heartfelt R&B single that’s soulful.

Stockholm, Sweden-based musical creative, Moa McKay, is a singer and songwriter who loves all the fun genres. McKay’s biggest musical influences include Kali Uchis, Amy Winehouse, and Ella Fitzgerald. Her unique sound is a distinctive blend of soul, jazz, funk, and R&B. Her former band, Moa McKay & The Flying Cabaret, performed from 2017 to 2020 during the artist’s time in Berlin. Now, she continues to work on new and exciting music projects as a solo artist. Her songs are available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Moa McKay’s latest drop is the R&B single “Dreaming.” This new track also features Ema Espinoza.

“Dreaming” provides a soulful, stunning soundscape. At the same time, the song works to beautifully complement a bittersweet romance. The whole point is to keep things sad and desirable, but it could have been happy. Lyrics like “You took my heart but you didn’t need it. You let my tears water the seas of your happiness” and “I’ve been waiting for your love. I’ve been waiting for your kiss. Got me dreaming about you” explore the pain of heartbreak and the lonely ache of unrequited love. With a delightfully smooth and soulful sense, Moa McKay and Ema Espinoza gift us a stunning R&B track that’s rich in vibrant sounds and emotions. So, press play on Moa McKay’s “Dreaming” to remember what dreaming of love felt like.