Shawn Cook Wants You To "Stay"


Shawn Cook

Shawn Cook is one talented soul.

California-based rapper and hip-hop artist, Shawn Cook, found himself immersed in music at a young age. Cook began singing at 13 as a way to impose positivity into his traumatic life filled with neighborhood violence. Since then, he’s crafted his musical talents into a rising career. In 2018, Shawn released his debut single, “Loud.” Shortly after that, he released his debut EP, The Silky Slim LP. His whole discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Shawn Cook’s latest hit is “Over.” The song also has an accompanying music video.

“Stay” gives us a powerful perspective of toxic relationships. In it, Shawn Cook explores the fights, manipulation, ultimatums, and emotional toll love can have on someone. Cook and his lover both flaunt their toxic behavior, which eventually becomes the breaking point for her. His ex tries to leave, despite him wanting her to stay and embrace their mess. As he goes through the story, he raps about their messy relationship, and the beat transitions from a hype, quick trap vibe to a slowed-down, alternative-rap sound.

Stream Shawn Cook’s “Stay” to learn whether it’s time for you to stay or go from your own messy, toxic relationship. 

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