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Jessie Reyez – Yessie (Album Review)

Jessie Reyez only seeks her own approval in “YESSIE.”





Apparently, “TITO’S” will make you speak Spanish, get freaky, and want to get hammered.

“TITO’S” is the most easygoing track on this album. Instead of flexing her impressive vocal skills, Jessie Reyez mostly gets lost in the energetic and uptempo beat that the song boasts. When I say “gets lost,” I mean, she literally comes across as discombobulated, drunk, and all over the place. Overall, I feel like this song is catchy and an absolute vibe.

Jesus, I wanted to put “EMOTIONAL DETACHMENT” here so badly, but I think “TITO’S” is a track that needs love.




Let it all out, Jessie.

I literally think rockstar Jessie is my favorite Jessie. In “BREAK ME DOWN,” it’s impressive how she lets her unguarded self dominate over an instrumental that has drums that hit pretty hard and guitars that electrify with the best of them. “BREAK ME DOWN” is what rock music is all about!




In today’s world, it pays to have a signature sound. Jessie’s signature sound is the one that you hear in “STILL C U.”

“STILL C U” has this hypnotizing/drowsy instrumental that I think pairs nicely with Jessie’s numb and high-pitched vocal styles. I also think that it pairs perfectly with Jessie’s helpless lyrics about trying to escape the visions of an ex.



2. FOREVER (with 6LACK)


In “FOREVER,” Jessie Reyez and 6LACK sing about doing everything in their power to get their partners to stay with them. What makes this a five-star track is that it features touching and sly vocal performances, vulnerable and expressive lyrical content, and a slow-burning style that will make you want to depants. S**t, I can listen to this song forever.

If you agree to stay with me forever, you have to put up with my nuclear farts.




Jessie Reyez holds nothing back in this confrontational track.

Don’t let the gentle instrumental attached to “MUTUAL FRIEND” fool you, this song is mean as f**k! In it, Jessie lets her ex know that she wouldn’t care if they died because of all of the crying they made her do when they were together. The way the Canadian singer fearlessly shows us her intense emotions will definitely strike a chord with anyone that has been done dirty by a person that claims to love you.


1. MOOD (4.5/5)

2. HITTIN (4.5/5)

3. FOREVER (with 6LACK) (5/5)

4. QUEEN ST. W (4/5)


6. TITO’S (4.5/5)

7. ONLY ONE (4.5/5)

8. STILL C U (5/5)

9. BREAK ME DOWN (5/5)


11. ADIÓS AMOR (3.5/5)




Yessie is my favorite album of the year. It might f**k around and end up being one of my favorite albums of all time.

Production: Jessie Reyez’s voice is special. While she does her fair share of ballads to show it off, I love how Yessie has all kinds of beats; we’re talking 90s R&B beats, rock-n-roll beats, hip-hop beats, latin beats, and slow jam beats. Her fearlessness attacking the beats is Marshawn Lynch-Esque.

Guest Appearances: One person is featured on this album: 6LACK. Jessie has a bunch of relationships in the industry, but she chose to work with the guy that helped her craft one of her biggest hits to date. I respect that.

The Performances: Jessie Reyez blows me away, y’all. In Yessie, not only will you get to hear her all-time great voice, but you will also hear her powerful melodies, her dramatic spirit, and her special songwriting abilities. Jessie has found a way to somehow come across as relatable, but also a generational talent that you know you should bow down to.

The biggest thing I would change: NOTHING! The only reason I didn’t give this album an A is that I don’t love about two songs (I REALLY LIKE THEM but don’t love them).

The biggest reason you should listen to this album: Jessie Reyez’s performances on the album are breathtaking. From her Godly vocals to her touching lyrics, she puts on a show that I truly believe is remarkable.

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