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Lil Nas X Releases “STAR WALKIN” For League Of Legends

IMG via Lil Nas X

STAR WALKIN (League Of Legends)

Lil Nas X

I’m too old to know what the hell League Of Legends is. I do know this song is fire, though!

I’m man enough to admit when I was wrong about something. With that being said, I was wrong when I called Lil Nas X borderline talentless. Since dropping “Old Town Road,” he has crafted numerous undeniable hits. One of Nas’ latest singles, “STAR WALKIN,” is yet another.

“STAR WALKIN” has more faces than Vivica A. Fox. Not only does it have this heroic vibe, but it also has drill elements, braggadocios lyrics, inspirational lyrics, and more. The song will literally make you want to reach for the skies with a durag on your head, with a sword in your hand, and with some jordans on your feet.

Give the fantastic “STAR WALKIN (League Of Legends)” track a shot below.


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