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MoneyBagg Yo Releases “Blow” On His Birthday


MoneyBagg Yo

It’s generous of MoneyBagg Yo to release “Blow” on his birthday.

There’s no better time to start a dominant run than after your birthday, right? MoneyBagg Yo, who turned 31 today, decided to return to the music scene with a hot new club banger called “Blow.” In it, he sounds just as interested in blowing money as blowing candles.

“Blow” falls directly in line with all of the massive club hits that MoneyBagg Yo has been able to create throughout the years. For starters, the song boasts this hard-ass beat that has tons of bass and trap vibes that will make you want to exuberantly shake the dice in your hands. Over the beat, MoneyBagg Yo raps about his car with a new car smell, his flashy diamonds, and his smart investments. As expected, the song has a very catchy hook and rap deliveries that are trill as f**k. Overall, this is an undeniable hit.

Give “Blow” by MoneyBagg Yo a shot below.

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