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Little Stupid Boy


A pop single about the pitfalls of love.

Vienna, Austria-based musical creative, ARAI, is an artist who composes, sings, and produces dramatic pop music. However, they aren’t bound to one style or one form. ARAI often explores various other styles in order to figure out which genre suits their music the best. It’s like trying to figure out which path works best for you in music. In the meantime, we have their work to enjoy until they find their niche. ARAI’s previous work includes tunes like “Skip,” “Featuring Uzuhan,” and “The Overthinker.” These tunes are available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. ARAI’s latest drop is the pop single “Little Stupid Boy.” The song also has an official music video.

An infectious pop beat makes “Little Stupid Boy” intriguing and instantly immersive. This song especially is meant to represent an emotional reflection on love; or, at least, what love is supposed to be, and in ARAI’s case, is not. Clearly, the artist wants more than what he has, and he feels ridiculous for not seeing it earlier. Lyrics like “I guess your heart is made of rubber, Cause you don’t seem to see, You’re bouncing off the lovers, Who’ve been trying it like me” and “You’re just clapping with your hands, And I run into your arms” explore this downside of romance. There’s no way to win here. So, press play on ARAI’s “Little Stupid Boy” to learn what it’s like when someone just wants to play with your love.

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