Tied To The Track

Jeff Goldsmith

A captivating alternative track that instantly pulls you into its world.

Minneapolis-based musical creative, Jeff Goldsmith, is a composer, producer, and engineer. His musical journey first began at age six, when Goldsmith began playing violin at the Suzuki Music Academy. This experience helped him learn music by ear instead of through the traditional sheet music method. In addition to releasing his own tunes, the artist also composes music for television and commercials. He’s a background artist who has a chance to stand out in front of the crowd. His work is available on Spotify, Bandcamp, and Apple Music. Jeff Goldsmith’s latest drop is the alternative track “Tied to the Track,” which will be available on all streaming platforms on September 30th.

Moody tones and infectiously bold beats make “Tied To The Track” an avant-garde piece. However, there’s no promise that you’ll get off the tracks that you have built yourself. The message is clear: you might be trapped. Lyrics like “Choking on the glass of a dead center, Choking on the glass from all your bullets” and “All strung out and lost in the masses, Cavernous tunnel looking for a passage” are masterfully delivered with melodic vocals. No one has a guarantee of getting free unless you’re smart enough to find it yourself. Jeff Goldsmith’s upcoming tune will appeal to anyone who appreciates the unexpected. So, press play and embrace the darkness of Jeff Goldsmith’s “Tied To The Track.”