Hey Disaster

Robin Cisek

A pop single that reminds us we’re all unique and awesome.

Alberta, Canada-based musical creative, Robin Cisek, is an emerging singer and songwriter who crafts melodic electro-pop tunes. Cisek’s music takes inspiration from her personal experiences as well as her indigenous heritage. Her history inspires stories and sections of music that are not present in many other artists. These influences are present in her concepts, alternative beats, and lyrics. Since her musical debut, Cisek has received plenty of recognition for her work, and her interviews have been featured in numerous well-recognized publications. All of her music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and her own website. Robin Cisek’s latest drop is the pop single “Hey Disaster.” The song also has an accompanying official lyric video.

Hypnotic alt-pop beats create “Hey Disaster” as a dance-ready hit that allows pop to seep in. At the same time, the song maintains a carefree reflection that has no sympathy for controlling acts. Lyrics like “You’re making waves, Ripples through the water, Just a drop of your passion could cause a disaster” and “We know we don’t fit the mold, We can’t be controlled” reminds us of this. The message is to make it clear that there’s plenty of power in being exactly who we are. Cisek clearly has no qualms about being herself, and neither should we. The lovely inspiration and uplifting nature makes this a worthy pop hit. So press play, crank up the volume, and shout, “Hey Disaster” with Robin Cisek!

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