Skofee Is A “Wind Up Hero”

The perfect pop single to close out the summer.

Wind Up Hero


The perfect pop single to close out the summer.

Los Angeles-based musical creative, Skofee, is a rising artist who loves remaking pop music. The artist’s unique style blends together “candid lyrics and cultured harmonies to create utterly here-and-now alt-pop.” With her distinctive vocals and immersive sound, Skofee’s music offers up the perfect intimate escape for those who love escapism. LA Weekly also stated that this emerging artist has an “undeniable gift for penning introspective, honest, and raw lyrics.” All of her music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Skofee’s latest drop is the pop single “Wind Up Hero.” The song also has an accompanying official music video.

Uplifting disco-infused vibes is the best way to describe this hit. “Wind Up Hero” will instantly draw you into a dazzling, sun-soaked pop soundscape. Yes, it seems like it should be a summer song, but it suits any time of year. It’s also about the selfless nature of Skofee herself. Lyrics like “Wind me up and watch me go, I’ll smile for you, I’m trying to” and “You know you can call, Wind Up Hero here for you” explore the artist’s tendency to put others before herself. It’s an offer to be someone else’s hero when needed, a true sacrifice for others. At the same time, the song is dance-ready with nostalgic feels. Skofee’s latest creation is unquestionably the perfect track to close out the summer with a bang. So, press play and get grooving to Skofee’s “Wind Up Hero.”

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