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YG Calls Himself A “Maniac”

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I wonder what’s in YG’s cup…

Next week is going to be a big one for hip-hop. Right now, YG, Kid Cudi, and Tory Lanez are all slated to release projects. On the real, I might just take off work that day. Anywho, today, YG has decided to drop yet another single off his upcoming project, “Maniac.”

“Maniac” has west coast blood flowing through all of its veins. The song boasts a beat that will make you want to bring out your hydraulics and low riders (I do not recommend you install them on your busted Kia sedan). Over the beat, YG uses a tricky rap style to let it be known that he puts headbands on dudes, that he’s kidnapping other dudes’ chicks, and that money has turned him crazy. I think the song is one that people in Cali will love.

Check out “Maniac” below.

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