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Life Worth Living

BLEU & French Montana

BLEU and French Montana are two very slept-on artists.

Slowly but surely, BLEU is becoming one of my favorite musicians in the game. I feel like he straddles the line between rapper and singer just as well as anyone else in the game. As for French Montana, especially as of late, I feel like he’s been hitting us with some hard-hitting rap verses. “Life Worth Living,” a song that features BLEU and Montana, is one that I think is absolutely fire.

In “Life Worth Living,” BLEU and French Montana talk about their impressive come-ups, their huge bankrolls, and their shaky relationships. While I feel like the soulful/bombastic beat is the best thing about the song, I’m not going to lie, I think BLEU and French Montana absolutely shine on their respective verses. Both flow extremely well and spit with a level of confidence that is glaring. All in all, “Life Worth Living” is worth playing a couple of times.

Give “Life Worth Living” a shot below.


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