Khamari Feels Like He’s “Drifting”

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A dark alternative R&B song that doesn’t hold back.

Boston native, Khamari, is a promising R&B talent. Khamari is a songwriter that crafts lyrics with intimacy to help express his inner feelings. He takes songwriting inspiration from artists like Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder, and Bill Withers. As a result, he’s been compared to legendary artist Frank Ocean, and for good reason. Now, Khamari is a highly sought after artist. His first EP Eldorado dropped in 2020 to high praise. He followed that up with the single “Doctor, My Eyes” in 2021. These songs, and more, area available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Khamari has returned with a new single, “Drifting.” The song also has an accompanying visualizer.

While it sounds calming, “Drifting” is really a song that expresses all of our dark thoughts. Meanwhile, the song has an upbeat sound to almost throw us off that trail. Khamari chooses to explore our need and dependency on tools of escape that grant us instant gratification. When we don’t achieve that, we’re stuck, mentally wandering through a desert of our own depression. It’s truly a sad song. Lyrics like “Think I need another shot of dopamine cause I feel another wave coming over me” and “Visions of a brief Nirvana smoking way more than I should’ explain these feelings of losing one’s self. Additionally, whether it be through drugs or alcohol, Khamari needs a quick fix to help ease his mind from painful experiences. It’s relatable to any listener feeling like their minds aren’t their own. So, stream Khamari’s “Drifting” to start navigating your own drifting inner thoughts.

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