Human Greatness 2.0

Dustin Paul x Nissim Black

A fusion single that explores humanity’s abilities.

Artist Dustin Paul is a long-standing performer with a fun history. Paul previously worked as the frontman for a band that gathered millions of views on YouTube. Additionally, he’s played at well-known music festivals and performed on national television. Since then, Paul has gone solo, focusing on his own writing, singing, and collaborations with other artists. His work is available on Spotify and Apple Music. At the same time, African American Hasidic Jew, Nissim Black, is an artist and rapper who creates tunes with “sharp beats and hooked-filled rhymes.” After exploring various life paths, Black has finally discovered his true purpose. Black’s work is available on Spotify and YouTube. Recently, Nissim Black and Dustin Paul teamed up for the genre-fusion single “Human Greatness 2.0.” The song also has an accompanying official music video.

A wonderfully infectious combination of style makes “Human Greatness 2.0” a dance-ready indie pop. At the same time, it has bold hip-hop moments that beautifully complement its exploration of love. Lyrics like “When I was a young boy momma taught me hate is heavy, but love is weightless” and “When I was a young boy my father taught me in darkest moments come human greatness” reflect on humanity’s abilities to overcome hardships. Really, the song is meant to be about how incredible humans really can be. With its fusion soundscape and uplifting moments, Dustin Paul and Nissim Black gift us a truly empowering “Human Greatness 2.0.” So, press play on it to embrace the best parts of you.

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