Elijah Okello Isn't Practicing "VOODOO"


Elijah Okello

A chill R&B song with 90s vibes.

Originally born in Uganda now based in Denmark, Elijah Okello is an independent artist and producer. Okello describes himself as an artist with 90s soul influence. As a result, he’s turned into an artist that can drop a few good rhymes. Since 2018, he has been independently releasing projects under his own record label “OK OK ENT.” Okello has also spent the past year consistently performing, creating unforgettable moments with his fans. Additionally, he’s spent that time making sure people don’t lose positive lights. His work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Elijah Okello’s latest single is the hit, “VOODOO,” where he entails the love trance he’s in. The song also has an accompanying visualizer.

While “VOODOO” is a chill song with a callback, it also tells a story that is complicated. In a charming, yet gruff voice, Okello sings about his woes in love. However, he’s not really sure where this love or situation will take him. All he knows is that it has put a spell of black magic on his thoughts. Lyrics like “Woman I don’t know what you’re doing don’t come around here screwing” and “You know that I like you and I don’t want to hurt you” show the inner turmoil he’s going through. It’s clear he’s not looking to give the person up, even with the tricks being played on him. I think we all feel the same way dealing with someone who’s addictive, yet toxic. So, stream Elijah Okello’s “VOODOO” to learn how to navigate your own hectic relationships.

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