Kid Cudi sounds fresher than ever in “Entergalactic.”




5. Burrow (Ft. Don Toliver, Steve Aoki & Dot Da Genius)

Joe Burrow is about to win his next 13 games after this song dropped.

“Burrow” is easily one of the most stimulating tracks that I’ve heard this year. For starters, the song features an instrumental that is on some futuristic, superhero s**t. From there, you get very effective Kid Cudi hums, Godly vocals out of Don Toliver, and lyrical content that is on some Super Saiyan s**t. I think this song will make every part of your body feel rejuvenated.



4. Can’t Shake Her (Ft. Ty Dolla $ign)

“Can’t Shake Her” could’ve fit nicely on “A Kid Named Cudi.”

I just don’t know how much this song will resonate with y’all. Though it has a bit of a dull sound, if you are a fan of Cudi, there’s no way you can walk away from it without acknowledging his numb vocals (That he’s relied on historically), the splash of rock vibes mixed in beautifully with these outer space-ish vibes, and his touching lyrics.

3. Willing To Trust (Ft. Ty Dolla $ign)

I would be so f**king down for a Ty Dolla $ign and Kid Cudi collab album.

“Willing To Trust” is all about putting your energy into someone who is more reliable than Chelsea Grey in the fourth quarter of games. What I personally love about the song is that it features this bluesy sound that straddles the line between hypnotizing and paralyzing. I also like how both Kid Cudi and Ty Dolla $ign hit us with touching vocals throughout, ultimately coming across as relatable and human. All in all, “Willing To Trust” is my kind of Cudi record.



2. Somewhere To Fly

“Somewhere To Fly” might be the most romantic song that Kid Cudi has ever created.

Who needs Michael and Paul when you got Kid Cudi and Don Toliver? In “Somewhere To Fly,” the two musicians drop dramatic vocal performances that align nicely with the song’s riveting beat and their lyrical content that is aimed to remind y’all that they are high on their women. This song just has this spellbinding feel overall that I cannot get enough of.



1. New Mode

When Kid Cudi raps about fighting demons, that s**t puts a smile on my heart.

Do you know what I love about Kid Cudi? He is such a down-to-earth person. There are so many people in the world that have inner struggles like he says he has. The way Cudi sings passionately about overcoming them, as he does in “New Mode,” is truly powerful. Aside from the song’s deep messages, I also f**k with the therapeutic beat, melodies, and feel-good vibes.


1. Entergalactic Theme (N/A)

2. New Mode (4.5/5)

3. Do What I Want (4/5)

4. Angel (4/5)

5. Ignite The Love (3.5/5)

6. In Love (4/5)

7. Willing To Trust (4.5/5)

8. Can’t Believe It (4/5)

9. Livin’ My Truth (4/5)

10. Maybe So (3.5/5)

11. Can’t Shake Her (4/5)

12. She’s Lookin’ For Me (4/5)

13. Somewhere To Fly (4.5/5)

14. My Drug (4/5)

15. Burrow (with Don Toliver, Steve Aoki & Dot Da Genius) (4/5)




I’m just going to say it: This is my favorite Kid Cudi album in a while. While I don’t think that there are a bunch of standout tracks, the way it flows, the people Cudi decided to work with, and the easygoing nature of it really makes it a good listen to me.

Production: Kid Cudi has a go-to sound that is very hard to explain. The beats he likes to do work over usually have intergalactic (Yes, intergalactic is spelled with an ‘i’) feels mixed with either old-school hip-hop or spellbinding vibes. If a song is mixed with intergalactic and old-school hip-hop vibes, you’re going to get a rapping Cudi; if it’s mixed with intergalactic and spellbinding vibes, you get a singing Cudi. It’s simple as that.

Guest Appearances: I’ma be real, I absolutely love that Kid Cudi decided to keep the guest appearances at a minimum for this album. The only guests that are featured on Entergalactic are Ty Dolla $ign, Don Toliver, and 2 Chainz. I like how Ty Dolla $ign and Don Toliver’s smooth vocals merge with Cudi’s touching vocals, while I like how 2 Chainz’s quirky style merges with Cudi’s grungy style on the lone song he was on.

The Performances: I think Kid Cudi is a captivating artist. More than anything, I really enjoy how he gets lost in his emotions just as much as his vocals. Entergalactic has its catchy and infectious moments, but that only comes second to Cudi’s powerful lyrics about self-love, romance, and more.

The biggest thing I would change: I wouldn’t change a damn thing. The version of Cudi that you get on this album feels pure, organic, and authentic. Though I don’t love every song on this album, I am satisfied with every single one.

The biggest reason you should listen to this album: Classic Cudi is sprinkled throughout it. If you’ve followed the Ohio rapper from the beginning of his career, you’ll love every moment of Entergalactic.

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