Melkior Says You’re “Glistenin'”



A hypnotic R&B single with sweet and sensual vibes.

Sicilian-born and Sydney-raised musician, Melkior, is an R&B singer and songwriter. Through his vibrant lyrics and vocals, Melkior evokes deep emotions and offers glimpses of his life through a unique storytelling style. Utilizing his Sicilian roots, he brings “Italian passion and mixes it with poetic and conversational yet grown lyrics, silky emotional vocals, and diverse melodies.” As a result, he creates songs that have garnered plenty of positive responses from his listeners. Since his debut, Melkior has been making waves in the music scene. His music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Melkior’s latest drop is the R&B single “Glistenin’.” The song also has an official visualizer.

Contrary to the general belief, instead of making this a soft reflection, “Glistenin'” has dance-ready beats. At the same time, it sets a perfect feel-good tone for its romantic reflection. Lyrics like “You glisten, Form a distance, Nobody can block you out, You are a vision” and “A muse you special you the one, I need to get you one on one” reminisce on that special someone. Clearly, the artist can’t get this person out of his head. Additionally, he’s so obsessed that it’s energizing for him. Smooth and soulful elements make Melkior’s newest creation stunning and sensual. It’s the perfect promise of love to someone who needs it the most and deserves it in your eyes. So, press play on Melkior’s “Glistenin'” to learn if you’re glistening in someone’s eyes.

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