Rich Homie Quan doubles down on emotional trap music in “Family & Mula.”




 3. Kno No More

Anytime a rapper spells ‘Know’ without the w, expect pain and/or passion.

In “Kno No More,” Rich Homie Quan sings about getting it out of the mud, providing for his family, and losing soldiers close to him. What I love about this song is that it features a hook that is both highly infectious and catchy, a beat that has tons of bass and emotional feels, and lyrics by RHQ that feel personal and deep.



2. Dangerous

“Dangerous” sounds like it could be the new opening for Law & Order Atlanta.

First and foremost, kudos must go to the person who produced this beat. That s**t is action-packed, dramatic, and trap-certified. Kudos must also go to Rich Homie Quan for sliding on the beat with a style that is sly, melodic, bossy, and braggadocios. Both entities complement each other well.



1. Risk Takers

“Risk Takers” will motivate you to be great in the trillest way possible.

A ‘Risk Taker’ can either be someone who isn’t afraid to try s**t out, or someone that is down to rob somebody for their jewelry; in “Risk Takers,” I think Rich Homie is talking about both. Over the song’s touching production, the Atlanta rapper hits us with highly infectious melodic raps that speak about his unique rise to the top and his willingness to die for what he has on his neck. More than anything, I love the passion, pain, and grit he displays in the song.


1. Kno No More (4/5)

2. Risk Takers (4.5/5)

3. Bigger Jeans (Ft. NoCap) (4/5)

4. Dark Shades (3.5/5)

5. Another One (4/5)

6. Family & Mula (3.5/5)

7. Dangerous (4/5)

8. Krazy (3/5)




Doesn’t it feel like Rich Homie Quan was blackballed from the hip-hop industry? These days, you don’t see him work with a lot of big-name artists and his music doesn’t get the publicity it deserves. It’s very weird because Rich’s music is fire. With that being said, Family & Mula is pretty solid.

I can confidently say that Rich Homie Quan is one of the top emotional trap music makers on the globe. Proving my point, Family & Mula boasts passionate and touching melodies, powerful lyrics about getting it out of the mud and following the rules of the streets, and riveting beats. While I do feel like some of these songs on this album didn’t quite hit like I wanted them to, the ones that did (Like “Kno No More,” “Risk Takers,” and “Dangerous”) are special.

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