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Alligatorz Loves To Go "Bang Bang"

Bang Bang


A Latin pop song that makes you lose control.

Alligatorz is a duo composed of Dj Greem and Ron Puma. Before becoming the band Alligatorz, the two collaborated on music together while performing all across South America. They decided to form the musical group, hoping to create a diverse sound with the cultural influence of Latin America. Since they formed, they’ve worked to put out several singles that capture the essence of Latin music. As a result, their sound is Latin-based with impressive additions. Their work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Alligatorz’s latest single, “Bang Bang,” features artists Mr. J. Medeiros and Mc Baby Perigosa. The song also has an accompanying music video.

“Bang Bang” is, as the song title suggests, a total banger. So many genres are packed into the song that it creates a rush of adrenaline just within the first few seconds. Electronic, pop, dance, and Samba are just a few beats that work together to create this unique sound. There’s a seamless blend between lyrics in English and Portuguese. Even if you don’t understand Portuguese, the way in which the singers deliver it, with boastful energy, is all you need to understand what they mean. When “Bang Bang” comes on, you know the weekend has arrived and it’s time to let loose. It leaves no room for you to not get your body moving. So, stream Alligatorz’s “Bang Bang” to get yourself in that party-going mood.

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