Laryssa Birdseye Wants To "Medicate"


Laryssa Birdseye

A break-up pop song that’s oh-so-therapeutic.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Laryssa Birdseye is a pop singer-songwriter with a growing fan base. She makes music for women that have experienced several woes in love. This has helped her to reach an entire demographic of people that feel represented by her music. Birdseye is expressive in her songs and makes tunes that leave you both crying and raving. As a result, she is one of the most outspoken artists about women’s emotions. Her work is available on Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and her own website. Laryssa Birdseye’s latest single, “Medicate,” featuring Mike Bars, is all about trying to let go of a draining ex.

Break-ups suck, but Birdseye makes them seem not so bad on “Medicate.” She’s taking her power back and not falling back into the trap of a bad relationship. Still, there’s a certain ex that lingers, making it hard for her to move on. The only way for her to tune them out is to “Medicate.” The song holds a pop-soul-infused beat that leaves you dancing instead of sobbing over a breakup. Birdseye has a piercing but confident voice as she sings about trying to move on. The chorus is joyous and liberating, feeling like you’re listening to a church choir. As for Mike Bars, he delivers a stellar verse that gives the second point of view to the song. Birdseye offers hope to people trying to end a love that’s taxing, making her the go-to artist to listen to for those troubles. So, stream Laryssa Birdseye’s “Medicate” to know how to begin the process of finally moving on.