Jorden Kyle

A moody track that explores one’s innermost feelings.

San Francisco-based musical creative, Jorden Kyle, is a 24-year-old singer and songwriter who prefers to jump around genres. Kyle doesn’t allow his work to be limited; instead, he fuses together elements of trap, pop, and R&B. As a result, his tunes showcase “an array of stories and ideas that can hold firm in any setting.” Kyle’s music focuses on exuding “tenderness and vulnerability” while exploring feelings and concepts concerning love and loneliness. He also concerns himself with a sense of belonging and the drive to succeed. Jorden’s work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. “hopeless” is one of 10 tracks featured on his new album, ENIGMA. The song is also accompanied by an official music video.

“hopeless” acts just like the title claims. Its immersive backdrop is moody but infectious, and it remains melancholic so that everyone feels at least a little lonely. Lyrics like “Every move I make, you know I do that sh** with caution. I’ma go and get it all regardless” and “I hit the city with the top down, now she really wanna bounce that sh** just for me” are melodically delivered. However, there’s no winning in the end, since it’s hopeless that the artist will get everything that he wants. A delicious sense of darkness makes “hopeless” one of the most captivating tunes you won’t want to miss.

Give “hopeless” a shot below.

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