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Lil Baby Drops “Heyy” Ahead Of “It’s Only Me” Release

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Lil Baby

Lil Baby’s forthcoming “It’s Only Me” album is scheduled to release at the end of the week.

It’s Only Me, Lil Baby’s third studio album, is probably the most highly-anticipated project of the year. So many people have anointed him as the hottest rapper in the game these past two years, and we all know that hot rappers drop hot albums. Lil Baby decided to get us hyped up for the forthcoming project by releasing “Heyy” today.

In “Heyy,” Lil Baby does a little bit of bragging, a little bit of wooing, and a little bit of threatening. The song boasts the kind of menacing trap beat that Baby likes to kill, a hook that has both its catchy moments and playful moments, and mumbly deliveries that you have no choice but to respect. Out of all of the singles that I’ve heard from Baby in the last two years, this is my favorite (The hook is meh, though).

Give “Heyy” a shot below.

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