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Bye Bye

Marshmello (Ft. Juice WRLD)

Why did Juice WRLD have to leave us?

If Juice WRLD was alive today, he would be on top of the world. The good news is this: There are still a bunch of unreleased Juice tracks out there. One released today: “Bye Bye” with Marshmello.

“Bye Bye” is a very short track (It’s less than two minutes long). In it, Juice WRLD sings his heart out about kicking someone who was bad for his mental health to the curb. What you will like about the song is that it features this slightly terrifying beat that is perfect for Halloween, introspective lyrics, and highly infectious melodies. What might disturb you about the song is that it features lethargic rap deliveries that will convince you for the 1000th time that Juice was troubled while he was here.

Give “Bye Bye” by Juice WRLD a shot below.

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