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Mic Luc Releases The Heartwarming “Calling Out”

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Calling Out

Mic Luc

“Calling Out” is the kind of heartwarming music that the world needs to hear.

Mic Luc is a singer-songwriter with a voice that can move mountains and a heart that is huge. What I love about his music is that it feels pure and refreshing. Some of Mic’s biggest releases are “Can The Day Get Any Better,” “Maui Breeze,” and “Wine Cellar Down Below.” You can catch all of these songs on Spotify. Mic’s latest release is the touching “Calling Out.”

According to Mic Luc, “Calling Out” is about “encouraging adults and children to question our leaders, question the way we do things, and question how we treat each other in our one world.” From the moment that you press play on the song, you will be greeted with muscular vocals that will pierce through your soul, a soothing guitar-driven instrumental, and lyrics that are just as blunt as they are motivational. If you are a forward-thinker, I recommend that you have this song on replay.

Give the beautiful “Calling Out” a shot below.

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