+ Blue Moon +

Don Jones

“+ Blue Moon +” features a good blend of emotional vocals and stylish raps.

Don Jones is a UK-born artist that has one of the best ears for music on the planet (Yes, I said it). Not only is he fantastic at making songs come alive by blessing us with highly infectious melodies and hard-hitting raps, but he also has a good gauge of the type of intriguing content that hip-hop fans are soaking up these days. Some of Don’s biggest releases are “Cold,” “Too Drip,” and “Shady” (You can find his Spotify catalog here). His latest single is “+ Blue Moon +.”

In “+ Blue Moon +,” Don Jones talks about all of the feelings, hardships, and distress that come with letting go of someone that is toxic for you. The song boasts production that perfectly combines touching piano notes with tons of bass and futuristic vibes. As for Don, he shines by hitting us with a hook that feels intoxicating and raps that are delivered with great might. Personally, I think he puts up one of his best performances here.

Give Don Jones’ “+ Blue Moon +” a shot below.


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