Andrew Esner & Alen K

Andrew Esner & Alen K both pour their hearts out in “Sorry.”

Andrew Esner and Alen K are cut from a similar cloth. Both are musicians that hold nothing back when it comes to singing performances. With that being said, I think that it was a great idea for them to join forces for their seven-track collaborative effort, Project Ethios. One of the tracks from the project is the high-octane “Sorry.”

“Sorry” is powered by an instrumental that has a fair amount of bass attached to it and gentle vibes that will catch your attention. Over the instrumental, Andrew Esner and Alen K use passionate vocal performances and vulnerable lyrics to describe the multiple feelings that come with cutting ties with someone that you cared quite a bit about. While I think the best thing about the song is the instrumental, it’s hard to ignore how raw and infectious Andrew and Alen’s contributions are.

Give “Sorry” by Andrew Esner and Alen K a shot below.

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