James Ross K

A wistful pop fusion with a powerful exploration.

Brooklyn, NY-based musical creative, James Ross K, is a singer and songwriter who never really gave up on music. Within his long-standing love for music, Ross K has been singing and writing songs for as long as he can remember. He dropped his first single, “Violet,” in 2018 after he appeared on MTV’s TRL: New Artist. The artist has also released an LP titled The Work Awaits You Always as part of the alt-rock band GOLD ST MKT. His entire collection is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Recently, James Ross K dropped the pop single “Driveway,” a track that is also featured on his new EP, Here Is Good. The song also comes with its own video.

We love atmospheric fusion here, and that’s exactly what this piece is. With easy-going beats and uplifting instrumentals, “Driveway” proclaims itself as vulnerable and nostalgic to the right people. Lyrics like “I’ve learned with some age / And some childlike fits of rage: You can be right / And still be wrong” and “Learning to lose and embrace what changes / How it inevitably rearranges” reflect on the experiences that shape us. However, they remind us that not everything is perfect, and you can still be shaped by mistakes. This hit combines various genre elements with its intimate exploration of family, growth, and changes. James Ross K would want you to drive down the nostalgic “Driveway” to remember how you got started.

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