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Listen To “Lost In Melody” By Fridayy

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Lost In Melody (EP)


Fridayy keeps his momentum going with the release of “Lost In Melody.”

Fridayy has been on a role as of late. In the last year, he has been featured on songs with Lil Baby, Jay-Z, Rick Ross, John Legend, DJ Khaled, and Lil Wayne. It’s clear that he has next, after that, and after that. One of the reasons I like him is that he has a strong voice that elevates songs. Today, on a Friday, Fridayy decided to treat us to a seven-track project called Lost In Melody.

“During the process of making this project, I felt it was important to introduce myself from a place of honesty,” he said about the EP. “My approach was to tell not just the great parts but also shine a spotlight on the struggles of grinding while still trying to pursue your dreams. Each track tells a different part of my journey, and I hope it allows fans and even the common listener to know exactly ‘Who Is Fridayy.’”

Give Vory’s Lost In Melody a shot below.

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