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Roddy Ricch Has An “Aston Martin Truck”

Aston Martin Truck

Roddy Ricch

Roddy Ricch drives recklessly in “Aston Martin Truck.”

Doesn’t it feel like Roddy Ricch is going through a rebranding? After dropping Live Fast, I feel like he went back to the basics. In other words, his day-one fans have to be happy with how his last two or three singles have sounded. Today, Roddy decided to release “Aston Martin Truck,” a song in which he does some experimenting.

I’ma keep it real with you: I have never heard of an Aston Martin truck… Anywho, in “Aston Martin Truck,” Roddy Ricch flexes his ass off like a wrestler that just hit his opponent with their signature move. What’s interesting is that he toys with a bunch of different sounds in the song: A Nav-ish sound, a high pitch sound, and Yeat-ish sound. He also does work over this colorful-ass trap beat. All in all, I think “Aston Martin Truck” shows how talented and dynamic Roddy is.

Give “Aston Martin Truck” a shot below.

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