Townsend Says His "Goodbyes"



A pop track that is introspective about break-ups.

Nashville-based artist, townsend, is a singer, songwriter, and professional guitar player. The fondest memories he had growing up were of his father singing and playing the guitar. This inspired him to pick up the instrument himself and later pursue a career in music. Before releasing his own songs, he’d perform covers of other popular artists like Bob Dylan, Zac Brown Band, and Khalid, uploading them on his YouTube channel. In 2017, townsend relocated to Nashville and implemented himself in its flourishing music scene. With his band, he’s opened for artists like Canaan Smith and Neon Trees. townsend’s discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. “Goodbyes,” with Notkis, is his newest single. The song also has an accompanying lyric video.

Is there a proper way of saying goodbye or gaining closure? That I’m not too sure of, but townsend explains all the feelings we have about the topic in “Goodbyes.” The song starts off with him having a revelation at the fact he’s not quite over his ex. His vocals are honest and piercing, capturing the listener’s attention. It’s a messy confessional, but it helps to show how truly disheveled he is with the ending of this relationship. Lyrics like “Till we fell apart with tears in our eyes” and “You moved on with your life and I’m here waiting” show the depth of how much this split is affecting him. This song has a cinematic charm that becomes even more elevated once the bridge occurs and townsend’s feelings come to a head. At the same time, it remains soulful and in love with itself. Overall, the song is masterful in explaining what every listener has ever felt when it comes to a love that’s escaped them. So, stream townsend’s “Goodbyes” to know what losing the one feels like.

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