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Letter To Myself


Morray gives me Rod Wave vibes in this song.

When it comes to making emotional hip-hop music, Morray is a pro. Here’s the thing, though: He really is a passionate dude outside of the music. Today, the North Carolina native decided to release “Letter To Myself,” a touching track in which he talks about the moves he made after making it out of the hood.

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“Letter To Myself” is powered by this emotional trap beat that features a few guitar licks that will penetrate your soul. Over it, Morray does a good job of switching between an assertive rapper and a spirited singer. He also vulnerably tackles the good, bad, and ugly he has seen on his road to success. Overall, “Letter To Myself” sounds like a pure track that folks who got it out of the mud can relate to.

Give “Letter To Myself” a shot below.