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Smino is on fire right now.

I love how unpredictable Smino is as an artist. Every time he talks about releasing something new, you don’t know which direction he will take. For instance, a few days ago, Smino dropped “90 Proof” with J. Cole, a song in which he spends 5% of his time rapping. Today, the St. Louis rapper decided to return to the music scene with “Matinee,” a song in which he sings 100% of the time.

In “Matinee,” Smino sings about sipping on some liquor, smoking on some weed, and loving on someone hard. The song boasts this hard-hitting beat that has all kinds of misty vibes attached to it. Because of this, you get a version of Smino that is joyous, high-pitched, hippie-ish, and free. The song will definitely make you miss those sunny summer Sundays.

Go ahead and give “Matinee” with Smino a shot below.

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