Naomi Wild keeps it real with us in this RGM exclusive interview.

“I might just let you into my soul

leave your shoes at the door

I’ve done this before”

-Naomi Wild on “Howlin”

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Naomi Wild is our kind of artist. She is a great singer, an outstanding writer, and most importantly, someone that is both blunt and honest. Recently, Naomi released a track called “YOU + I” that showcases her uncanny ability to draw listeners in with stirring lyrics and pleasantly intoxicating vocals. We liked the song so much, we decided to reach out to her!

Naomi, who comes from a family full of musicians, has a catalog with zero misses. Every track, from “Lessons” to “Howlin” to “LA LA LAND,” are masterpieces that have generated tons of streams. Her collaborations have done just as well, too. Naomi’s track with Machine Gun Kelly, “Glass House,” boasts over 126 million streams on Spotify, while her track with ODESZA, “Higher Ground,” boasts over 88 million streams.

After establishing herself as one of the most talented singers in music, Naomi has decided to come out swinging in 2022. This year, she has released four solo singles that have all received favorable reviews.

We got a chance to catch up with Naomi recently. We asked her about her come-up story, inspirations, and immediate future. Check out what the very talented artist had to say below!

Owned by T∆G // The Artist Group | IMG via Publicist

RGM: First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to chat with us! The first question we were dying to ask you is this: Was being an artist always your goal?

No, it really wasn’t at all. I just loved music and started making it. The rest followed.

RGM: It appears your family has an established background in music. How did that affect you growing up and your decision to make music?

I honestly never thought about following in their footsteps. They stopped making music when I was young, so it wasn’t like I grew up with them as artists. I really feel like this whole thing fell into my lap and I just followed it.

RGM: Who are some of your musical inspirations and why?

Kendrick has always been someone I admire… Tyler… there are a few. Not even just because of how good the art is but just because the approaches they take make you think twice about what you’re consuming, the journey of maybe how it came to be. I think that’s the most important thing and something that’s aggressively overlooked these days.

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RGM: Can you describe your “big break” moment that allowed you to get to where you are now in your career?

ODESZA took a chance on me, MGK took a chance on me, I’m forever grateful to every artist who does so.

What kinds of obstacles have you had to overcome thus far in your career?

What you’d expect: Wanting to quit, feeling not enough. You go through all the emotions when you really want it and you really care. You’re really just your own setback. You have to be strong mentally because no one’s ever gonna care more than you do.

RGM: If you had to pick a song of yours that best describes you, which would it be?

I don’t think I can pick just one. I really love the new shit I’ve been releasing. But the whole point for me is growth.

RGM: What does your music best represent?

It’s just me, I don’t know. It’s ever-changing, as I am a person who’s learning and growing, so I just make shit that feels good

RGM: What is next for Naomi Wild? New releases, tours, etc.

Just gonna continue to write, finish some old stuff, start some new. I’d like to release my album next year. Touring is TBD.

Owned by T∆G // The Artist Group | IMG via Publicist

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