Devan Makes You "Feel Better"

Feel Better


A soulful pop track that will improve your mood.

Hailing from Canada, Devan is an indie pop singer-songwriter. She makes music that’s personal, but at the same time, anyone can relate to it. Since she was a child, Devan knew she wanted to be a singer/musician. Growing up, her parents exposed her to a wide variety of genres and artists; this helped her to develop a style that’s unique, but always changing. Devan’s work is available on Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and her own website. Her newest single, “Feel Better,” was written to communicate her support for the people in her life. It comes off of the deluxe version of her EP, Liquid Sunshine. The song also has an accompanying music video.

On “Feel Better,” Devan is the friend that supports and cares for you. Lyrics like “If it takes some time to feel alright / I won’t be going anywhere” and “You don’t have to hold it together” are comforting words anyone would want to hear. Devan brings the song into its full moment with a beautiful chorus that sounds like a passionate choir. You can feel your spirits instantly lift from her heartfelt words of encouragement. Of course, it is a cure for the loneliness we all experience. As the song closes, you’re left with a lasting impact and a mood that’s no longer unsettling. So, stream Devan’s “Feel Better” to help yourself cheer up.