Feels Like Lucy


An intimate pop tune that will warm your heart.

San Clemente, CA-based musical creative, DYLVN, is a singer and songwriter who started late. According to a recent interview with the artist, he’s always had a passion for the arts. However, DYLVN only began to pursue his love for music in recent years. When it comes to finding inspiration for his work, he lets ideas for new music come naturally from his life experiences. DYLVN has plenty to discuss regarding relationships and what has to come with them. His discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. The artist says his new song “is about the strong companionship you develop with someone you love.” DYLVN’s latest drop is the pop single “Feels Like Lucy.” The song also has an accompanying visualizer.

A gentle, laidback blend of easygoing instrumentals creates a lovely romantic sadness., “Feels Like Lucy” sets the perfect mellow tone for a heartfelt and bonding moment. Lyrics like “Love me, hate me, kiss me, I’ll be the best thing show your family” and “I don’t want it all, I’ll just take part of you, If that’s all you can give” examine a truly special bond that goes beyond romance or friendship. At the same time, it expresses the desire that we all feel for that special person in our lives. Its stripped-down sound and plenty of heartwarming moments gift us an emotional pop tune. So press play on DYLVN to learn why pure love “Feels Like Lucy.”

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