Emei Has Her Own "Regrets" Too



A pop-rock song that isn’t afraid to overshare. 

Emei is a Chinese-American alternative pop artist that’s already made her mark. Growing up in New Jersey, she was a huge lover of music and the videos attached to the songs. She was captivated by the artists that she listened to. As a result, she spent every day perfecting her own emulation of them. Emei has competed on shows like Chinese Idol helping her to grow as an artist. With over 10 years of experience, she has crafted an identity that’s unique to others, but still true to herself. She makes music for young adults going through the motions of life. Her work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Emei’s latest hit, “Regrets,” comes off of her debut EP, End of an Era. The song also has an accompanying lyric video.

“Regret” is the soundtrack to all of our lives. Emei gets real candid and openly talks about the things that keep her up at night; staying up late, looking back on our past decisions, wishing we didn’t make them. She explores her own on the pop and rock infused track. Her voice is rich and silky as she sings daunting lyrics in a contrite tone. Relatable lyrics like “Counting regrets/ The ones I said goodbye to/ The ones I gave my time to” show Emei’s inner thoughts and just how much they affect her. With somber lyrics the song still has an uplifting spirit as an edgy rock chorus helps to conclude the song. “Regrets” lets us know we’re not alone in any of the mistakes we’ve made in this life. As we grow and mature we learn to let go of those silly regrets. So, stream Emei’s “Regrets” to help distract you from your own.

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