Kodak Black gets his gremlin on in “Kutthroat Bill: Vol. 1.”




Honorable Mention. I’m So Awesome

“I’m So Awesome” is one of those songs you aren’t supposed to like, but you do.

“I’m So Awesome” is powered by this violin-heavy beat that will make you think that someone died. Kodak Black slices the beat-up using a sluggish style that will make you wonder what’s in his cup. As for lyrically, in his verses, Kodak calls out his opps, shouts out Gucci Mane, and brags his ass off. More than anything, this song sounds like a very unorganized freestyle.


5. I Can’t Sleep

Kodak Black uses his awful singing voice to his advantage in “I Can’t Sleep.”

I usually don’t love it when Kodak Black sings on tracks. With that being said, I don’t mind his singing in “I Can’t Sleep.” Not only does it fit his sly/effortlessly gangsta lyrical content, but it pairs nicely with the song’s smooth beat and his raw raps. My only issue is this: I needed him to say Celine at least once.



4. Hop Out Shoot

“Hop Out Shoot” is a gremlin love song.

The beat that powers “Hop Out Shoot” gives me “How’s It Goin’ Down” by DMX vibes. That’s where the similarities betwen the two songs stop. Though Kodak does rap about the convos he has had with his chick, he eventually goes off the rails and talks about shooting up his enemies, dripping his ass off, and wanting relationships with Plies and Boosie. The main reason I f**k with this song is because I like how the chill beat merges with Kodak’s gritty melodic raps.

3. Game From Pluto

I’m officially convinced that more dudes look up to Future than Russell Wilson…

Do you know what video I watched a couple of times last week? The one in which Kodak Black asked Future about a suspect lyric he said in “Low Life.” How ironic that I would hear a song in which Kodak pays homage to Future today.

Aside from the dope words dedicated to Future, “Game From Pluto” also features a hypnotizing trap beat, lyrics all of the playas of the world will love, and very steady rap flows.



2. Walk

Scarface would be very proud of “Walk.”

I like “Walk” a lot. Not only do I f**k with the song’s dark/mobbish beat, but I also like how Kodak slides on it, riding it like someone that knows how to straghten a car out after doing a dangerous swerve. As for lyrically, you have to respect how he doubles down on being a cold-hearted/violent flexer in the song.



1. Freezing My Pinky

Appropiately, “Freezing My Pinky” is one of the coldest tracks on this project.

Kodak Black shifts between a bunch of different styles in “Freezing My Pinky.” He starts the song off sounding unenthusiastic, but as it goes on, he turns up his passion both rapping and singing-wise. As for lyrically, he switches between sounding like someone that loves and hates being a certified street fella with emotions. All in all, I really enjoy how this song flows.


1. Kodak The Boss (3.5/5)

300 Blackout (4/5)

3. Slay Like Santa (4/5)

4. If You Ever (4/5)

5. I Can’t Sleep (4/5)

6. Demand My Respect (4/5)

7. Play (Ft. Lil Crix) (3.5/5)

8. Starter Kit (Ft. VVSNCE) (3/5)

9. I’m So Awesome (4/5)

10. Game From Pluto (4/5)

11. Walk (4/5)

12. Spin (2.5/5)

13. Ammunition (4/5)

14. Hop Out Shoot (4/5)

15. Kutthroat Barbie (4/5)

16. At The Cross (2.5/5)

17. Freezing My Pinky (4.5/5)

18. Bad Man (3/5)

19. Silencer (3.5/5)




I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I think that Kodak Black is one of the best young rappers in the game right now. I truly feel like rapping is easy for him. In Kutthroat Bill: Vol. 1, you get an effortless but solid performance out of Kodak.

Production: I don’t quite love the beats on Kutthroat Bill: Vol. 1. A lot of them sound a bit generic. The good news is that Kodak knows how to make his beefs come alive with appealing rap styles. In other words, pay most of your attention to Kodak.

Guest Appearances: Interestingly, this album features only up-and-coming artists Lil Crix, VVSNCE, NFL Tuewop, and Prince Swanny. I thought each person did a good job of establishing their brands on the songs they were on. Unfortunately, they don’t quite move the album’s needle.

The Performances: As stated at the beginning of this summary, I think that rap comes easy for Kodak Black, and it shows in Kutthroat Bill: Vol. 1. Throughout the album, he never sounds like he’s trying, yet he gifts us with verses that are loaded with clever punchlines and appealing flows. When it comes to Kodak’s lyrics, they are gangsta as hell, but also introspective. I really f**k with the way he transfers his raw thoughts into his notepad.

What I Would Change About This Album: It sounds slightly unmastered. While I kind of like the draft-like feel this project offers, I can see listeners not taking it as seriously because it sort-of feels unfinished.

Why You Should Press Play On This Album: If you want to find out how good a rapper is, listen to them in their purest form. In Cutthroat Bill: Vol. 1, Kodak sounds unfiltered and raw. He really raps without a care in the world, and it sounds dope, to me.

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