Night Routine Is In That "Springtime Shine"

Springtime Shine

Night Routine

An indie track with sunny vibes.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Night Routine is a band composed of Steve Marz and Tomas Houser. The duo first got their start performing in the local Denver Quince Coffee House. After a feel good jam session in Marz’s garage, Night Routine was officially formed in March 2021. Bass player Marc Hudson was later added as a member to the band in November 2021. Since then, as Night Routine, they’ve been consistently touring and playing several venues in Colorado and Virginia. On stage, they create rhythmic performances that anyone can vibe to. Off stage, they create the golden memories that they write about as a band. Their work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. Night Routine’s latest hit, “Springtime Shine,” comes from their live album, The Sonic Conscious Studio Session. The song also has a live performance music video.

“Springtime Shine” is a mellow track with pure radiant vibes. Smooth guitar riffs start us off, and what follows is a lustrous sound with soulful vocals. Night Routine crafts a golden sound that makes you feel like you’re walking through a field of sunflowers. There’s mixes of funk, indie, and pop that all make the song potent. Vocalist of the band Steve Marz sings about “searching for serenity” until he finally finds that someone with springtime shine. They give him that “gift of a life” that fills him with pleasure and excitement. It’s a song that makes us reminisce about our own person that gives us that “Springtime Shine.” So, stream Night Routine’s “Springtime Shine” to experience a spring with good vibes.

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