Josh Remi will release a brand new project called “C8” on November 4th.

Josh Remi is a multi-talented Filipino-American singer and songwriter from Jacksonville, Florida. What is very easy to love about him is that he refuses to be put in a box as an artist. Josh looks to set the music industry ablaze with his new project, “C8.”

So why should you give Josh Remi’s new forthcoming album a spin? As a music fan, you will appreciate his knack for making songs come alive with his vulnerable lyrics and soulful vocals. If you are a car fan, you will understand his passion and love for corvettes; C8 combines the two worlds.

When it’s all said and done, Josh Remi is a fan-favorite because of the following things: He knows how to merge genres such as pop, hip-hop, and R&B flawlessly, he always delivers high-octane concert performances, and his words tend to relate to your ordinary person that is dealing with important topics like love, heartbreak, and everything in-between.

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